5 Things to Try if Your Mavic Pro is Not Turning on

a photo of DJI mavic pro

It has been more than half a decade since the most sold drone on earth was released, mavic pro, and with age comes problems.

one problem people are facing more and more is their Mavic pro is, it not turning on, I also had this problem a couple of weeks ago then I went on google but I didn’t find a clear answer.

But then I saw some recommendations on some forums that helped me understand the problem and I fixed mine so I thought I could share them in a more scannable manner.

The procedures I demonstrate in this article have been effective for some and not for some, if none of them work for you I will show you how you can get it fixed by DJI or another 3rd party professional.

But first If you are a beginner or if you have no prior experience with DJI drones the problem your Mavic pro won’t turn on might be as simple as not turning it on properly so follow this-

  • Quickly press and release the button on the battery.
  • Press and hold it again for three seconds or until the LED light truns green.

Sorry for adding the paragraph above this, we should consider complete beginners too.

S, Why is your Mavic pro not turning on

Faulty power distribution board, Faulty wires or motherboard, faulty battery, charger, or charging port can be the reasons why your mavic pro is not turning on, to fix it you need a little experience with dismantling tech.

I already have several other drones from DJI which I have been using for a long time and I have never had any problem withany one of them.

added Mavic to the collection however it stopped working after about 4 months of use I contacted DJI, I had DJI CARE and so they asked me to ship it to them and this is how it went-

2 days after I shipped the drone they told me the motherboard is blown and it would have cost me $250 if I didn’t have DJI care which is insane price

They told me it will take about 10 days to get it fixed and it to 12 days to get mine fixed from the day I contacted them to the day they shipped it back.

Note: It can take months if you live outside united states

If you bought your Mavic air from a physical store you might have the process can be completely different and they may or may not charge you.

I also have seen some Mavic air that doesn’t work the moment it is bought. In that case, you don’t need to have a DJI care DJI will fix it for you free of charge.

If you have been using the drone for a long time and you have no DJI care I recommend you contact local drone shops they will do it cheaper and faster.

Identifying the problem

There are several reasons why your Mavic air is not turning on, I have tried to list what is it more likely to be however I am not a professional by any means but i hope it can assist you a bit.

If you had water damage or a crash this will not be useful you should get it fixed by a professional.

Faulty Battery or charger

A faulty battery, charger, or charging port is a common issue and it is also an easy fix so if this is the problem good for you.

Press the button on the battery once and quickly release it, if the led lights start flashing it means the battery is functional. however, If the lights are not flashing, the battery may need to be replaced with a new one.

If the battery is faulty you can buy a new battery from amazon or eBay and replace it with a new one don’t forget to discard the old battery properly.

However, before deciding to change the battery, Ensure the battery is charged for at least one hour before because it can also be the charger that is not working so before replacing the battery make sure the charger works.

If the charger is the problem it is even easier and cheaper.

In some rare cases, it can be the port on the drone is covered with dust so clean it with alcohol carefully.

Faulty wires or motherboard

A motherboard is basically what controls the entire drone, so if the motherboard is the problem it is going to be expensive and hard to fix, and depending on the condition I recommend getting a new drone instead.

if your Mavic air has a faulty wire or a faulty motherboard it needs professional engineers to fix it, they can ask you from $200 up to $500 for it, that is why I said getting a new drone is better.

Faulty power distribution board

A power distribution board is a printed circuit board that is used to distribute the power from your battery to all different components of the drone

If the battery is ok and the drone still doesn’t power up there is a possibility it has a faulty power distribution board, if you are good with electronics you can buy another power distribution board for a very cheap price and swap, if not any local electronic shop can do that for you.

Connection problems

Sometimes connection problems will lead you to think the drone is not working, so follow this

  • Pressing the LED light on the front for three seconds, or until you hear a beeping sound
  • If you hear a beeping sound it means your drone works it is just the LED light that is not working.

By pressing the button you will reset the wifi and the drone will boot it again, so you will have to connect it with your phone again.

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