About me

Hi, I am sem a full-time musician, and a drone pilot I have been teaching and learning music from the time i remember. teaching people guitar is like a part-time job I full time produce music with my small midi keyboard and my DAW FL studio.

I was introduced to the online blogging world by a friend of mine about a couple of years ago, and I instantly Wix(it is a platform where you make a website) then I made a website that was a complete disaster not to get technical after than i started to understand people want value and I remember imagining if I were to google something what would I want to read long story short I made a website about guitars and that website wr=ent cracy seeing that I made a $30 course on the website and that thing just went crazy and me and my wife also.

after that amazing experience I wanted to make an outdoor website camping specifically and I wrote 5 amazing articles then I was busy fast forward 7 months the website was making 50$ guess what only 2 of the articles ranked on google and it was making $50 a month the website is called campingtipz.com then I was surprised and started to write some more articles but I was shadowbanned by google for some technical issues and I gave that website for my little brother and here I am SAWCAMPING.COM this is a fairly new website and I had a Pinterest page for my last outdoor website(campingtipz.com) and I am trying to use the interest account for this website I mean Pinterest is a good traffic source

so generally here am making music here i am writing yeah I am enjoying my life to the fullest, what have I learned from blogging you ask, people love when you give them value i mean you don’t have to be a blogger to know this but it made me realize that more and guess what when people love your thing google sense that easily and you can tell when googling smile while crawling your website when google like something it gives you a gift and it is not a small one🤠

on my free time i spend my time out doors with my wife and my dog ollie

outdoor enthusiast and a musician trying to live life to the most meanwhile trying to make living by providing people valuedro